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I remember quite clearly on my 12th birthday; our postman delivered the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter for my dad. This was my first encounter with the news about persecution and with VOM as an organisation that is genuinely aiding the persecuted church in India and 67 other countries.

The news in the newsletter didn’t let me rest but to pray for the persecuted church and VOM even at that young age. It was then, the seed was planted in my life. Knowing that VOM is founded by a man of God who withstood 14 years of horrific torture for his faith by the communists, helped me to understand that VOM’s values are honest and authentic which reflects on all its projects every year.

The integrity of the persecuted news from around the world and the thousands of projects that VOM runs with a focused mission to serve with practical and spiritual assistance is what distinguishes from the rest of the missions and this impacted me personally in a huge way to support and partner with VOM.