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In the days leading up to 31 August it would have been premature to speculate on the needs of those Christians who remain in Afghanistan. Identifying Christians in hiding is a challenging task.

Some Christians were able to find refuge in neighbouring countries. Some of these were part of our rescue mission. Many Christians who have fled their homes find themselves displaced indefinitely. The remaining Christians are now our primary focus.

We have a fulltime experienced member of our team in the Middle East who has been tasked to identify these Christians and their current locations. Our latest field intel suggest that quite a few have fled into the mountains in the North. Contacting them has been difficult. In spite of all the challenges we have identified more than 100 Christians in Afghanistan that need our help and they will form the basis of our work.

They desperately need the most basic essentials like food and water to survive. Connected with this aid we also need to find a place of safety within Afghanistan to relocate these families. There we will support them in starting up new businesses. The Voice of the Martyrs will help them to restart new house churches and provide resources for their ministries. The need for safehouses for those most at risk will also be assessed as part of our ministry plan.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.