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Thanks to the generous response of our supporters, over 4440 persecuted Christian families were helped through Bibles Plus in 2012.

The Need

The vision of Bibles Plus is to provide holistic care for persecuted Christians struggling with spiritual and physical hunger.

Our 2012 Bibles Plus program was developed in partnership with our field officers in Myanmar, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. In these developing countries a significant portion of people live on or below the poverty line, earning less than US$2 a day.

For Christians, pressure from economic hardship is intensified by scarce Christian resources and intense persecution from authorities and neighbours. Crops have been stolen or deliberately destroyed; homes and livelihoods burned to the ground; and Christian families forced to flee their villages in fear for their lives.

The Impact of Bibles Plus 2012

Our goal was to provide food for the soul and body with Bibles Plus Packs containing God’s Word and food staples such as rice, noodles and oil.

Thanks to the generous response of our supporters, over 4440 Christian families struggling with spiritual and physical hunger were blessed through Bibles Plus in 2012!

In India, 1490 Christian families received Bibles Plus Packs, including 200 widows. Bibles Plus was a tremendous encouragement to the believers and many of them generously shared their food with their non-Christian relatives and neighbours.

“I cannot express my heartfelt thankfulness as I saw their joy and happiness,” said VOM’s Bibles Plus coordinator in Myanmar.

Brother Samuel, our field director in India said, “This is the exact project that has been on my heart and in my prayers! What an incredible gift for persecuted Christians!”

What Persecuted Christians Are Saying

Here are some comments from Christians who received a Bibles Plus Pack:

“I could not sleep the day that I received those precious items, God is so good! I invited my family members and gave thanks to God, and prayed for the donors in Australia. I will read that Bible faithfully,” said Khin, a Christian convert from Buddhism.

“What a happy day today is! We did not have any food to eat for dinner. I just pray and God is faithful. He supplies what we need. I will never turn back,” said Lal, a Christian mother from Myanmar. “I shared rice with my neighbours who are Buddhists … they started coming to our house church.”

“Because of my faith in Christ, I have been persecuted by my family and my relatives. They always say to me, ‘Where is your God? Will He supply food?’ When I received those items as a gift, I brought it all to my family. My family who are not Christians said, ‘Now we know your God supplies. We will also come to church,” said Aung, a tribal Christian in Myanmar.

“I am very happy because you remember my family while we are in trouble … I will always remember you in my prayers. God bless you. Thank you,” said Ho, a Vietnamese Christian.

“My family is deeply thankful to the Lord, [and] to the sponsor who helped us. We received your special gift, which helped my family so much … to overcome the famine and thirst for God’s Word. We would like God to bless you and your family with overflowing grace,” said Phoi, a Vietnamese Christian.

Bibles Plus 2013

This year through Bibles Plus, Voice of the Martyrs is providing holistic care to persecuted Christians in Myanmar, India, Nigeria, Laos and the Philippines. Each Bibles Plus Pack contains a Bible PLUS food staples such as rice, noodles and oil that we estimate would feed a family of four for about a month.

The need is urgent. In India alone, our national contact estimates that over 25,000 Christians displaced through persecution could benefit from Bibles Plus. They need your support.

Will you give persecuted Christians food for their soul and body by sponsoring a Bibles Plus Pack?