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Thanks to the generous response of our supporters, over 4800 children of the persecuted church in Nigeria were blessed through Christmas Care in 2012.

Bringing Joy to Children of the Persecuted Church

We praise God for the response of our supporters to Christmas Care 2012. Your generous support helped to share the joy of Christmas with Christian children in Nigeria who have been scarred by persecution. The children and parents were so blessed by the Christmas Care packs and the love of their Australian brothers and sisters.

“I thank God and the Australian Christians for the wonderful gift. I will remain on my knees praising Him,” said 8-year-old Faith.

“This is an amazing and wonderful gift from God this Christmas, it is least expected. Thank you Jesus; I am so happy and thankful,” said Jennifer, a 12-year-old.

“Whoa! This is a wonderful gift for me from Jesus through you! … this is so special. Praise God! Thank you for remembering us in your prayers and through your gift.” said 15-yearold Sunday.

Sharing Love with the Children of Persecutors

The past few years we have set aside a small portion of funds to share Christmas Care packs with non-Christian children in the community as well. This demonstration of God’s love has proven to be a powerful tool for evangelism. The non-Christian families are amazed to receive such kindness.

In 2010 we distributed Christmas Care in Odisha state India and several prominent community leaders attended the event where the packs were given out. A small number of packs were given to impoverished Hindu families.

A Hindu leader, Mr Budhadev, publically apologised to the Christians and thanked them for sharing their gifts with Hindu children. “… firstly I apologise to you because I have destroyed the churches and your houses, also tortured you. In spite all this you have forgiven us and shown your love towards us. I say our Hindu children are not worthy to receive this kind of gifts, but you have added our children too and it is blessing ‘”

Another Hindu community leader, Mr Birendra said, “I apologise every one of you because of my wrong doing. I am very [ashamed of] what I have done in my past … I personally appreciate you and the including my Hindu children in receiving free Christmas Care gifts.”

Praise the Lord for blessing this evangelism outreach! Please pray for the Muslim families in Nigeria who received a Christmas Care pack, that God will transform their lives by His grace.

Christmas Care 2013

This year we will deliver Christmas Care packs to Christian families in Laos.

Each pack contains two Gospel storybooks, school supplies, school uniform, lollies, toiletries and a toy. The pack also includes 1kg of sugar for the children to give to their parents to make a special Christmas treat.

Please bring joy to children of the persecuted church in Laos by sponsoring a $25 Christmas Care pack today. Donate now.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to make our Christmas Care campaign a success every year!