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Each year when we choose projects for the field, it is like carefully selecting the right building blocks to create viable projects that fulfil the purposes of Voice of the Martyrs.

With prayerful, strategic planning and through the knowledge provided by our contacts in the field, we obtain the best information to formulate the best project for each individual country.

The following projects are a selection from the restricted nations that we minister in and are representative of 168 projects in 23 countries which we carried out in partnership with our local contacts in 2014.


Thirty-five Bible college students were sponsored for 12 months. The students are studying an accredited Bachelor of Theology degree. They will be the future pastors, leaders and evangelists in Burma. Many have already experienced persecution. Funds invested: $10,500

Middle East

A safe house was provided for Muslim background believers who are escaping from their families or the authorities that have been persecuting them for their faith in Christ. Safe houses provide counselling, Bible teaching and vocational training for believers in serious danger from persecution.Funds invested: $38,485.78


Widows, women and children who reside in Kandhamal and Odisha districts, where persecution is still strong, were provided with life packs at Christmas. Funds invested: $37,500


Families who have suffered persecution, such as arrests, beatings, imprisonment or eviction received support. Funds invested: $4,000


Countless displaced Christians have taken refuge in Kurdistan after fleeing horrific attacks in Iraq. VOM supplied many with ‘N’ Life Packs containing a Bible and an assortment of emergency supplies. Funds invested: $216,735.78


Many children have lost one or both parents in religious conflicts in Northern Nigeria and some have sustained injuries in the violence themselves. We provided children of Christian martyrs with medical support. Funds invested: $22,239.67

Nigerian women who lost their husbands due to persecution were provided with sewing and grinding machines with which to make a living, and pastors were provided with motorcycles. Funds invested: $20,392.12


Bibles Plus packs containing a Bible, food and essential items were delivered to Nepalese Christians living in great poverty in remote areas. Funds invested: $35,308.43


Twenty full-time students at the Mennonite Bible School in Ho Chi Minh City were supported for 12 months, sponsoring their course and accommodation costs. Funds invested: $12,600


A special large print edition of the Simplified Chinese Bible was produced in Inner Mongolia. People with poor eyesight who cannot afford glasses are now able to read God’s Word for themselves through this unique project.Funds invested: $4,617.96

Needy Christian families in China received Bibles Plus packs to feed their soul and body. Funds invested: $29,423.70


Christmas Care backpacks containing a Bible, children’s Bible storybooks, stationery, toiletries, a snack and a blanket were given to children of Christian families who are highly vulnerable to persecution. Funds invested: $110,101.10


Our existing property was extended to create a safe house, distribution centre and training facility. This multi-purpose building will provide increased temporary accommodation for persecuted Christians, a safe storage facility for VOM material and a training centre to equip pastors and leaders. Funds invested: $17,823.15

North Korea

Ten thousand plastic orange balloons were launched by sea into the shore-bound North Korean tide, tracking their course by GPS. The balloons contain both an illustrative tract (for less literate populations, like fishermen) as well as Bible portions (specifically Romans 6-8). Funds invested: $16,325.64