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EGYPT: Chance to Scrap Blasphemy Law

Reformers are pushing for Egypt’s ‘blasphemy law’ to be scrapped, but government ministers are trying to block their efforts. The law is almost always used to prosecute those who are seen to criticise Islam and is often misused to persecute minorities such as Christians. The

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IRAN: Extension of Prisoner’s Medical Leave Refused

Iranian judicial authorities have refused Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran’s request to extend her medical leave in spite of her doctor’s strong advice for her to follow through with her complete treatment. She started leave on 6 June 2016 for medical treatment and was required to

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NEPAL: Christians Freed After False Accusations

Eight Christians, including two school principals, have been released from custody after being held for several days on accusations of distributing Bible literature to children. Police made the arrests on 9 June based on a 2015 amendment to the Nepalese constitution which states in part

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Left for Dead

Pastors are usually the last to leave the church; they ensure everything is tidy before they close the door. Pastor James was putting things in order after a wonderful time of sharing God’s Word with 20 believers on 15 December 2015. He was happy as

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North Korea: In the Lord’s Hands

Australian Christian John Short was detained in North Korea in 2014 after leaving Gospel tracts outside a Buddhist temple. Here, John’s wife Karen shares about how God ministered to her, how she and John stayed connected through Scripture even though they couldn’t talk to each

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Hope in Heartache

“Oh Lord, what are you doing to our family?” cried the 20-year-old son of Pastor Stephen when he heard that his father had been killed. His mother, Leah, collapsed on the ground, weeping in deep shock and grief. “I find it too hard to believe

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Interview with Matthew, VOM contact in the Philippines

Matthew works closely with VOM to oversee projects and a Bible college in the Philippines. In this interview you’ll discover his response to persecution and just how we can support the ministry in prayer. How did your involvement with Voice of the Martyrs start? In

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Who Do You Sing For?

Throughout history it has been known that many cultures love to sing. Their songs have been written for different purposes: Foremost, they love to sing their national anthem with pride but there are other songs that make a statement or express an emotion while there

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Send Notes to Families of Imprisoned Christians

Have you ever received an encouraging note while you were going through a difficult time? It is refreshing to know that someone cares enough to send a card. You can write directly to families of Christian imprisoned for their faith to let them know they

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CHINA: ‘State-run Centre’ Targets Christians

A leaked secret document has revealed the existence of a government body dedicated to church persecution in south-west China. The document reportedly exposes a ‘state-run command-and-control centre’ operating at provincial level in Guizhou – or possibly at a higher level. One of the churches in

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EGYPT: Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Homes

A Muslim mob looted and torched Christian property and homes in Al-Beida village, Egypt on 17 June, after rumours spread of a Christian-owned building being turned into a local church. More than 80 Christian families were affected by the attack last Friday, leaving hundreds afraid

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NIGERIA: Legislation Will Further Islamise the Country

One year after the official swearing in of President Muhammadu Buhari, the government is considering two bills that, if passed, will further Islamise Nigeria. A bill to establish grazing reserves for the Fulani in every state would facilitate Muslim Fulani expansion deep into the Christian

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