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Laos: In Prison for the Gospel

Authorities in Laos arrested two Hmong Christians seeking permission to share the Gospel message. One of the two men, Visay, spoke to VOM workers shortly after his release, while his friend remained in prison.  Visay is passionate about sharing his faith with others. In order

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INDIA: Attacked for Distributing Christian Literature

A mob has attacked three Christians in India over suspicions that the latter were trying to convert Hindus, according to local reports. Pastor Prashant Bhatnagar, 45, was distributing Christian literature together with two of his church friends in Kharghar and Taloja in the city of

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INDONESIA: Radical mob Protests Existence of Church

Scores of Islamic fundamentalists and local residents protested on 26 September in front of a Protestant church in Makassar (South Sulawesi) that caters to ethnic Toraja, who are mostly Christian. Islamic radicals from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) demonstrated against the renewal of the church’s

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SUDAN: Czech Aid Worker and Three Others on Trial

Petr Jasek, a former hospital administrator from Czech Republic, is currently being tried in Khartoum, Sudan, on charges of “crimes against national security.” If convicted of the charges, Mr Jasek, along with two Sudanese pastors and another Sudanese man being tried on the same charges,

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The Song of a Martyr

In Nigeria, Pastor Selchun’s right hand was brutally cut off by Muslim extremists. Lying dead around him were other pastors and friends: 300 in total. When Pastor Selchun’s hand fell to the ground he lifted the other and sang boldly: “He is Lord, He is

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SUDAN: Church School Seized

Authorities in south-eastern Sudan arrested the headmaster of a Christian school last week and took over its property, sources said. Armed police and officials from the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on 5 September arrested the Reverend Samuel Suliman and 12 teachers at the

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PAKISTAN: Massacre of Christians Averted

Christians in northwest Pakistan narrowly escaped with their lives after security forces foiled a suicide bomb plot against them. Security guard Samuel Masih opened his community’s main gate to four Taliban bombers — and died in a hail of bullets. Two other guards were injured,

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LAOS: New Believers Pressured to Reconvert

Nine Christian families, a total of 38 people, have been fined 800,000 kip ($130) by village authorities – the apparent value of the village’s spirits. Authorities are also pressuring the families to sacrifice a pig to the spirits. If they do not pay the fine,

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If You Aren’t Ready, Then Run

Poor Elijah. We’re always kind of down on Elijah, aren’t we? After his stunning victory on Mount Carmel, he flees Jezebel when she threatens to kill him after he put to death her 300 prophets of Baal. Jonah also finds his way into the ‘Hall

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