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A selection of projects undertaken in 2017!

The projects reported in this blog have been carefully selected as to not breach any security protocols which would alarm our national contacts and cause possible risk to them. However, we believe it is important to give you some examples of how your giving is disbursed over a wide range of projects.

We hope you will be encouraged.

Plans are well under way for the distribution of Bibles Plus packs for this year and they will go to persecuted believers in Vietnam, Myanmar, China and India. These packs will be tailored to suit the needs of each country, but they will all have one common item in each pack – a Bible.

In 2017, Voice of the Martyrs:
Provided 20,000 Gospel tracts to underground churches in China so Christians can share the Good News of Jesus with unbelievers in their communities.

Financially supported an evangelist in Egypt who shares the Gospel with Muslims and atheists.

Provided motorbikes to pastors in India to enable them to easily minister to members of their congregation and share the Gospel with unbelievers.

Supplied clean drinking water by providing deep wells to 10 villages in Odisha, India.

Financially supported evangelists in Laos to share the Gospel and support and encourage Christians who are persecuted for their faith.

Funded the printing of thousands of Gospel booklets in Nigeria which are used in evangelism to Muslims and as a discipleship tool for new believers. –

Helped fund the building of a permanent safe house in Nigeria for persecuted Muslim background believers, to care for them and train them in the foundations of the Gospel and Christian living and provide them with vocational skills for a new life.

Korea sent 38,000 North Korean study Bibles into North Korea

Helped to provide monthly support to 15 local pastors in Pakistan as they spread the Gospel and build and encourage the church in a hostile environment

Provided educational scholarships for 30 children of poor pastors in Vietnam.