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This ministry fund directly assists pastors, evangelists and full-time Christian workers who courageously minister in the face of hostility and persecution. It includes provision to support underground Bible colleges, leadership training, evangelism resources, computers, transportation, small business equipment, pastor support programs and equipping churches with resources

VOM’s international projects are overseen by our local contacts or are achieved in cooperation with partner ministries.

These select examples have been chosen to provide an overview of how Voice of the Martyrs encouraged and assisted persecuted Christians with the help of our supporters, in 2019.

Project: Supplementary Living Allowance for Pastors and Evangelists
Country: Brunei (Muslim world)
All of the five members of this small group have suffered for their faith. Providing a small allowance helps to supplement their income, to aid them in supporting their families and release them to do ministry work in this severely restricted nation. The project is continuing in 2020.
Funds provided: $21,447

Project: Mission Training School for Youth
Country: Indonesia (Muslim world)
VOM Australia funded 15 students to attend a series of training sessions over twelve months. The students were trained in theology, character building, evangelism and living skills. The goal of the course was to equip these students both for the mission field and to be future Christian leaders.
Funds provided: $9,060

Project: Motorbikes for Frontline Workers
Country: India (Hindu world)
Ten motorbikes were provided to pastors, ministering amongst unreached people groups. These church planters are active both in evangelism and nurturing persecuted Christians in remote, tribal areas. The project will be repeated in 2020.
Funds provided: $16,677

Project: Underground Bible School Student Sponsorship
Country: China (Communist world)
Students are trained in theology in preparation for evangelising and planting churches. The sponsored students could not afford the tuition fees; they are of good character and feel they have a calling on their lives to serve the Lord. As part of their training, they evangelise in unreached areas. There is a great need for educated church leaders in China. The project is continuing in 2020.
Funds provided: $56,760

Project: Radio Broadcasts
Country: North Korea (Communist world)
Broadcasting Christian content proclaims the Gospel and helps to equip and encourage the North Korean church. Episodes of Faith Comes by Hearing’s dramatised Korean New Testament are broadcast, along with sermons and guidance from persecuted Christians. The project is continuing in 2020.
Funds provided: $17,786

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