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We provide medical assistance for Christians who have been injured or are suffering ill health from persecution, including forced poverty and discrimination. This is accomplished by providing medical examinations, along with testing and treatment including surgery, prescriptions, healthcare supplies, prosthetics, specialised counselling and rehabilitation.

VOM’s international projects are overseen by our local contacts or are achieved in cooperation with partner ministries.

These select examples have been chosen to provide an overview of how Voice of the Martyrs encouraged and assisted persecuted Christians with the help of our supporters, in 2019.

Project: Eye Screenings and Operations
Country: Pakistan (Muslim world)
VOM funded eye screenings and life-changing vision operations in Pakistan. One hundred and thirty people had cataract surgery, completely restoring their eyesight. Another 37 people were treated for prolonged discomfort or infection which could lead to blindness if not corrected. Almost all the patients were Christians, living in slum areas below the poverty line, who had been enduring eye problems, in some cases for years, due to lack of finances.
Funds provided: $33,290

Project: Mobile Medical Clinics
Country: Egypt (Muslim world)
Five mobile medical clinics in Christian villages in Upper Egypt treated approximately 750 people. Christians in Egypt (particularly Muslim background believers) face many difficulties including being disowned by their families and being fired from their jobs. Many experience poverty as a result of persecution, making medical care unaffordable. The medical clinics’ GPs and specialists provided free medical care along with Christian encouragement. The project will be repeated in 2020.
Funds provided: $5,303

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