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The underground church in China is experiencing some of the harshest persecution of the last 50 years making it more difficult to train leaders but VOM Australia’s partner mission World Compassion is helping to meet the need.

New government regulations are penalising landowners who rent property to churches and are restricting the sale of the Bible. Local officials are going into homes and forcibly removing any religious paraphernalia.

World Compassion’s discipleship training curriculum makes it possible to train Chinese Christians as church leaders without them having to leave the country or even their home.

The standard house church of 70 people is now breaking down into groups of 7-10 making this type of discipleship that much more valuable. With the help of funds from VOM Australia and our supporters, the discipleship training program has been provided to 1,000 new Chinese students.

Students within the program are being equipped as leaders and pastors, and Chinese network leaders now have the ability to train people within their own home church.

Funding from VOM Australia has assisted World Compassion in a number of areas for the program including:

  • Funding for training staff to travel to various groups across China and provide leadership, accountability and recruit new networks and churches into the program
  • Funding has also been utilised for the travel cost of Regional Coordinators
  • Warehousing all materials before sending them out

Despite difficult times, staff are communicating with current students and network leaders and already recruiting the next group of 1,000 students for May 2019.

As long as funding continues, this training will continue in to the foreseeable future.

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