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A young man travels to work each day on public transport. He uses the time to read the Bible. However, as citizens of Iran can be placed in jail for owning a Bible, he covers it up so that people will not see what he is reading.

One day, he felt the Lord moving in his heart to talk to a lady on the bus. At first he struggled with the idea but eventually he took the cover off his Bible and went over to her. He told her that the Lord loved her, and that he wanted to share the Bible with her. She started crying loudly, causing a scene. At 24 years of age, pregnant and not married, she had been thinking every day about killing herself. This was the day that she had told the Lord if He was real He needed to tell her, otherwise she would walk in front of a bus. The young man gave her the Bible and she prayed with him to give her life to the Lord.

Iranians are more open to the Gospel than ever before. To date, our partner in ministry has smuggled 85,000 Bibles into Iran. This year Australia has funded the purchase and distribution of a further 2,000 Bibles.

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