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Sun Li couldn’t contain his excitement as he held the pen in his hand. He had thousands of words that filled his mind but didn’t know how to start his letter of thanks. He had just received a Bible from VOM workers and was overwhelmed with gratitude that believers from across the world would make it possible for him to have his own copy of the Word.

“How great and deep and wide His love is,” he began, “which makes us help each other and pray for each other, though we are from different countries and nations. This can only happen in Jesus Christ.”

Sun Li was born in China and grew up going to church with his mother. She, too, had limited access to God’s Word. “My mother loves God and His words very much, but at that time, there were only a few Bibles,” he wrote. “In China the policy for the churches are not very open, but the believers in China are open to God’s words. Their hearts are hot, zealous and sincere. They read the Bible and pray every day and their spiritual lives grow very fast.”

With this openness to the Gospel in China, the demand for Bibles for every new believer is great. “Our church is growing and more ministries: Sunday school and youth ministry etc,” wrote Brother Sun Cheng Wen, who also received Bibles from VOM. “We need more Bibles for the new believers, but we don’t know where we should go. We were so happy when we received the Bible which you donated to us.”

China’s state-run Amity Press does not meet the demand for the growing number of believers in China. Amity prints Bibles that are sold in China mainly through the government-approved Three-Self Church, while exporting Bibles in other languages to other countries, including Australia. A believer named Gao Huabing, who received a Bible from VOM, wrote, “We were lack of Bibles before, and the Bibles for a church are limited before. But in recent years, we buy from the Three-Self Church and we still have a limited number.”

VOM has been working to help meet the demand for Bibles, partly by supporting printing operations in the country, which are illegal under the communist government. Some Chinese believers have been charged with “illegal business operations” and remain in prison today for illegally printing Scriptures. “We know that it is not easy to get Bibles, especially in our situation,” wrote Brother Wen. “You need to take the responsibility, take some risk, spend your time, money and even risk prison.” And many have been willing to take that risk.

Some areas of China are difficult to reach with Bibles because of the harsh terrain. VOM workers have even used zip lines to reach very remote areas. A VOM worker explained that reaching some of these areas with Bibles is strategic because planting churches there “will have the greatest impact on the regions.”

Another way VOM is helping get Scriptures to believers in China is on MP4 players. Each MP4 is loaded with an audio Bible, VOM’s Extreme Devotion, Hearts of Fire and almost 1,000 hymns. MP4 players are small and easy to transport. They also help communicate God’s Word to individuals who are unable to read, and they can be used in group settings with built-in speakers.

Since 1967, VOM has used innovative ways of getting Bibles to believers in nations hostile to Christ. From sewing Scriptures into the lining of clothes to carrying boxes of Bibles across rugged mountains on pack animals, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get God’s Word to every believer. As our worker in China said, to “strengthen and challenge the local churches in the most difficult areas is my first priority. That begins with providing them with sufficient Bibles for their own use.”

In this nation that has been indoctrinated with communist ideology, the need for truth is great. “There were not enough Bibles when I just believed,” wrote a Chinese Christian who received a Bible from VOM. “There were a few believers who had Bibles. I used to treat the words of Chairman Mao as the truth and I admired his words very much. But after I was saved and blessed by God, I threw the book of Chairman Mao away. The Bible is the most precious book in my heart now. No other books can compare with it.”

You can help provide more copies of the Scriptures by giving to our Bibles and Literature fund.