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Christians in Algeria request prayer for church leaders in Ait Atteli, a village in Tizi Ouzou, the province in which most Algerian Christians live, as officials have started proceedings to close their church.

The provincial governor filed a case on 2 February against the pastor and his father (who owns the land where the church is located). The church was established in 2006 and joined the EPA (Église Protestante d’Algérie), the legally

recognised umbrella of Protestant churches in Algeria, in 2011. It has more than 90 members.

In recent years several churches have been closed under this ordinance, which requires non-Muslim worship to be held only in buildings licenced for that purpose. The licencing commission established under the 2006 ordinance, has yet to issue a single licence.

The government has waged a systematic campaign against Protestant churches since November 2017, leaving 16 church buildings closed and at least four other fellowships ordered to cease their activities.

Source: Middle East Concern

Let us pray.

  • Pray that the pastor, his father and all church leaders will know the peace of Jesus, the wisdom of the Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in dealing with this situation.
  • Pray for favour for the church to win the court case and avoid closure. Pray too for all churches forced to close.
  • Thank God for the resilience of Algerian Christians and pray they will remain united and focused on the Lord.