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On 6 August, a church in Bouidjima was officially closed by the National Gendarmerie for failing to have a permit. A government mandate, requiring permits for all churches, was issued in 2006. Yet, even though applications have been properly submitted, the requested permits were not issued. One Algerian church leader refers to the officials’ implementation of such authorisation as only a pretext, further surmising that “their goal is to end the church in Algeria”.

The church’s pastor, Messaoud Takilt, received notification of the closure only three days prior, giving the members limited time to vacate the building. On the closing day, they gathered for worship. When police arrived, the pastor convinced the officers to leave until after the completion of the service, at which time the building was officially sealed.

 Sources: VOM Canada, Liberté, Votre News

  • Uphold the leaders and members of this congregation and those of other Algerian churches facing similar uncertainty.
  • Ask God to imbue these Christians with strength and wisdom so they can continue reaching out with His love and grace.
  • Pray the church will continue to grow in spite of the opposition.

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