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Slimane Bouhafs (49), an Algerian Christian man, was convicted of blasphemy against Islam and its prophet on 6 August. He was fined heavily and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment – the maximum punishment.

L’Église Protestante d’Algérie (the EPA, the Protestant Church of Algeria) filed an appeal against the verdict with the help of the Algerian League for Human Rights (the LADDH).

The appeal court hearing was on 30 August. The verdict was announced on 6 September, which saw the sentence reduced to three years’ imprisonment. The LADDH have stated that they will do everything possible to achieve Slimane’s release. An appeal will be made to the supreme court.

Slimane suffers from gout, and there are concerns that his condition may deteriorate as a result of this ordeal and the conditions in prison.

Source: Middle East Concern

 Prayer Points

  • Pray that Slimane, his family and his church will experience the peace of Jesus and the comfort of the Holy Spirit during this very difficult time.
  • Pray Slimane’s appeal to the supreme court will be successful, and that he will be acquitted of all charges. Commit the efforts of his legal representatives to the Lord.
  • Ask the Lord to relieve Slimane’s symptoms and make him physically strong to endure the difficult prison conditions.