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An Algerian Christian convert from Islam is still awaiting a verdict on his appeal to a harsh 5-year jail term handed to him by a court for proselytism and defaming Islam.

According to reports, Krimo Siaghi was arrested on 14 April 2011 after he refused a merchant who tried to force him to recite the creed for converting back to Islam.

Subsequently, the merchant filed a complaint against Siaghi on charges of proselytism and of defaming Islam and its prophet.

Christian leaders in Algeria say that government officials influenced the judge’s strict sentence and that the ongoing court delay was a guise to divert international scrutiny on the incident. Krimo Siaghi, however, has been allowed to remain free pending his appeal.

Sources: World Evangelical Alliance, Worthy Christian News

• Pray that Krimo Siaghi would place his trust in the Lord during this difficult time.
• Pray for God’s guidance upon Siaghi and his legal team; pray that Siaghi would be cleared of any wrongdoing.
• Pray the Lord will pour out His Spirit on Algeria so many may know Him.