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A church in Algeria’s north-western town of Aïn Turk (15km from Oran city) has been closed down by local authorities.

Affiliated to the Protestant Church of Algeria (known as EPA), the church was sealed off by police on 9 November.

Authorities in Oran claimed the church had been used to “illegally print Gospels and publications intended for evangelism.”

The police notification also stated that the church didn’t have state approval. But the president of the EPA, Rev Mahmoud Haddad, denied any wrongdoing, saying the justifications for closing the church were “unfounded.”

A new Constitution, passed in February 2016, established freedom of religious worship. Article 36 states that freedom of religious worship is guaranteed in compliance with the law. But in practice, a number of churches were ordered to cease all religious activities on the grounds that they were in breach of a 2006 law which regulates non-Muslim worship.

Moreover, EPA international partners planning to visit churches in Algeria have seen their visa application denied.

Source: World Watch Monitor

  • Pray for the pastors and church leaders. Ask God to grant them wisdom in dealing with the authorities and encouraging their church members.
  • Pray for these believers not to give up meeting and together take every opportunity to encourage one another in the faith.
  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing to grow His church in Algeria, despite man’s efforts to restrict the Gospel and that alternate premises be found soon.