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A church affiliated with the Protestant Church of Algeria received a letter from the district authorities last week, requiring the church to cease all religious activities on the grounds that they are in breach of a 2006 decree which regulates non-Muslim worship. The authorities have threatened to commence legal proceedings against the pastor if Christian worship continues in the building currently being used by the church.

The 2006 decree stipulates that permission must be obtained before using a building for non-Muslim worship, and that such worship can only be conducted in buildings which have been specifically designated for that purpose. In practice, the authorities have failed to respond to almost all applications by churches for places of worship.

In view of the authorities’ failure to respond to applications, it has become standard practice for churches to rent premises and inform the local authorities that they have done so. The church currently facing legal proceedings inaugurated newly rented premises on 25 December 2015. The church leaders advised the regional authorities about their activities and provided all relevant documentation.

Source: Middle East Concern

Prayer Points

• Pray the church pastor and leaders will know the peace of Jesus, the wisdom of the Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in dealing with this situation.
• Pray that the regulations governing non-Muslim worship will be amended, so that Christians will be able to worship freely.
• Ask the Lord to strengthen the congregation so they will be ever more determined to meet together for worship. May the Lord use the witness of these Christians for His glory.

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