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In a recent conversation between a VOM ministry worker and Pastor Salah Chalah, an Algerian pastor who leads the country’s largest Protestant church, it was reported that his trial hearing was further delayed until 6 February due to a labour strike.

Pastor Salah was initially scheduled to appear in court on 16 January to face various charges, including “practising non-Muslim rites without permission” and organising an assembly.

During the conversation, Pastor Salah specifically thanked The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, including each of the ministry’s dedicated supporters, for their ongoing prayers and encouragement.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Let us pray.

    • Please join with supporters in Canada and around the world, keeping Pastor Salah in your prayers as he awaits the upcoming trial.
    • Pray that God works mightily in the hearts and minds of the court officials, leading them to an equitable judgement.
    • Pray that believers throughout Algeria will remain strong, united and equipped with God’s love and wisdom so His Kingdom can expand in this Muslim-majority nation.