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Last year, 76-year-old Aring and his wife Mah were facing the possibility of starvation in southern Myanmar. “When my wife and I did not have any food to eat, we just prayed and trusted the Lord.” Find out how God answered their prayers.

Aring and Mah had no food and no money.

Their relatives and friends would have nothing to do with them because they are Christians. All they had was their faith in the Lord and a few Scriptures they had memorised.

“I have faced all kinds of persecutions from my relatives, friends and even from the local authorities. My life has been difficult, but I have assurance of salvation in my heart,” said Aring.

“When my wife and I did not have any food to eat, we just prayed and trusted the Lord. We had memorised Matthew 18:19, ‘Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven.’

“My wife and I prayed by depending on that Bible verse. I said to God, ‘Lord, if you do not give us anything to eat for today, I will not believe anymore that Bible verse.’

“That afternoon, our pastor invited us to church and gave us [a Bibles Plus Pack]. My wife and I wept because of our joy. We praised the Lord! We were told that this gift was from Australia, and that we are loved and known by brethren who are in Australia. God’s family is a big family!”

Bibles Plus

There are many more persecuted Christians like Aring and Mah who are struggling with physical and spiritual hunger.

Through Bibles Plus, Voice of the Martyrs is providing holistic care to persecuted Christians in Myanmar, India, Nigeria, Laos and the Philippines. Each Bibles Plus Pack contains a Bible PLUS food staples such as rich, noodles and oil that we estimate will feed a family of four for about a month.

The need is urgent. In India alone, our national contact estimates that over 25,000 Christians displaced through persecution could benefit from Bibles Plus. They need your support. Will you give persecuted Christians food for their soul and body by sponsoring a Bibles Plus Pack?