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CAMEROON: New Believer Threatened, Homeless

CAMEROON: New Believer Threatened, Homeless

A Christian brother is facing hardship after leaving Islam to follow Christ.
This brother came to faith in Christ just weeks ago. After his girlfriend found out about his newfound faith, she reported him to his Muslim family, who locked him in a room for more than 24 hours to try to force him to recant his faith.

The Christian brother fled after his release because his family threatened his life, and he is currently staying with another believer while he looks for a new home.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Despite the opposition, the Christian brother remains committed to Christ. “He is firm in his commitment to follow Jesus,” a frontline worker said.

“He wants to devote more time to studying the Bible. Please pray for peace, comfort and joy in Christ.”

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for the faithful testimony of this Christian man. Pray God will use it as a powerful witness.
  • Join with this Christian man in praying for the salvation of his family members and others in his community. Ask for his protection.
  • Ask God to provide ongoing strength to remain faithful and zealous. Pray for opportunities in gaining wisdom and knowledge of God and His Word.
NIGERIA: Militant Fulani Herdsmen Kill 10 Christians, Burn Homes

NIGERIA: Militant Fulani Herdsmen Kill 10 Christians, Burn Homes

At one o’clock in the morning on Friday, 26 November, jihadist Fulani herdsmen killed ten Christians and set fire to 100 homes in an attack on Ta’agbe village, Plateau State, Nigeria.

According to witnesses, the attackers entered Ta’agbe dressed in black, holding sophisticated weapons, and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is the greatest).
The National President of the Irigwe Youth Movement said that the attack was aimed to wipe Christians from the area.

Source: International Christian Concern

“I lost my grandchildren for the sake of Christ”

survivor Sibi Gara said with tears, laying in a hospital bed in Miango District. “I slept outside on the street,” said another survivor who narrowly escaped the attack, but lost six family members. An additional 690 people were displaced from their homes.

Nuhu Ngah, the National Spokesman of the Miango Youth Development Association, said in a press statement that the attack lasted for over two hours. He identified the victims, six of whom are from the same family: Gara Ku (80), Wiye Gara (67), Tala Gara (68), Rikwe BalaYoh (65), Tabitha Danlami (8), Sibi Danlami (4), Friday Musa (35), Daniel Mandi (45), Mweri Chogo (86), Ayo Balai (6).

Ngah also identified three injured survivors as Musa Kwa (60), Sibi Gara (65), and Nma Weyi (40).

“This calculated attack was carried out by the Fulani militants who intruded from the boundaries of Kaduna-Plateau,” reported a reliable source located in Plateau. “Eyewitnesses have it that the attackers came en masse to carry out these devilish acts.”

Source: International Christian Concern

Let us pray.

  • Ask the Lord to be near to those who are in mourning, as well as the injured and the families who have suffered loss.
  • Pray the Lord will strengthen the Nigerian church and heal His persecuted children of the trauma they have suffered. Pray He will bring good through this tragedy.
  • Pray for the perpetrators of these attacks, that they will repent and find salvation in Christ. Pray too for the authorities as they deal with yet another attack. May they act with wisdom, justice and compassion.
PAKISTAN: Christian Prisoner Acquitted

PAKISTAN: Christian Prisoner Acquitted

Blasphemy accusations have been used as weapons against Christians in Pakistan for many years.

Sajjad Masih was charged in 2011 for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages; he was sentenced to life in prison. This sentence was changed to the death penalty in March 2021.

During his time of imprisonment, Sajjad endured torture and ostracism. His brother and nephew were also attacked and threatened after visiting him in prison.

Sources: Morning Star News, UCA News, Bitter Winter

Sajjad’s appeal was delayed over a hundred times because the judges were not prepared to hear his case.

Mercifully, the Lahore High Court ruled to acquit the Christian man on 26 October on the grounds of insufficient evidence, he was released on 13 November. The news of the ruling was intentionally silenced to avoid putting his life, along with the lives of his family members and lawyer, in danger. According to his lawyer, Javed Sahorta, Sajjad is “very happy” but cannot return to his normal life for his own protection.

Let us pray.

  • Praise God that Sajjad has been acquitted! Ask God for His protection to be upon him, his family and all others linked to the outcome of the case.
  • Pray for him and his family as they adjust to their new life. Ask the Lord to help them overcome the long ordeal. Pray Sajjad may be led by the Lord as he makes plans for the future.
  • Pray this case may strengthen the cause to bring considerable change to the blasphemy laws to prevent future injustices.
INDIA: Pastors Arrested Under Conversion Law

INDIA: Pastors Arrested Under Conversion Law

A number of pastors in Uttar Pradesh state have been arrested and detained without bail, under the state’s anti-conversion law during the past few months.
Police arrested and jailed Pastor Nandu Nathaniel and his wife Savita Singh early last month.

Pastor Nandu has been a pastor in an independent church for 12 years. On 3 October, he was leading the Sunday church service when a police team stopped the worship and took him and his wife to the Kotwali police station. There they were arrested on conversion charges and sent to Azamgarh district jail. Bail has twice been denied.

Source: Release International

Nandu’s arrest follows that of another pastor in Uttar Pradesh called Ramchand who was detained in August on conversion charges.

Pastor Ramchand was leading a prayer meeting when a group of local fanatics along with a team of plainclothes police officers turned up and told him that they wanted to know more about Jesus Christ. They left but then shortly afterwards another team of officers arrived and accused the pastor of conversion activities. Ramchand was arrested. Two attempts to secure bail have been unsuccessful although his lawyer is now applying for bail in Allahabad High Court.

Also in jail is Pastor Shayam Sundhar who was detained under the anti-conversion law in September. He has been threatened many times by local fanatics. Similarly, his bail applications have also been denied.

Four other pastors are also in prison in Uttar Pradesh: Shakeel Abraham, Vijender Rajbar, Rajesh Rajbar and Abhisaik Rajbar.

Let us pray.

  • Pray these detained pastors would experience the Lord’s comforting and strengthening presence. Pray also for their protection.
  • Pray that the charges against the pastors would be dropped. Ask for favour and wisdom on behalf of their legal representatives.
  • Ask God to strengthen the church in India which is facing considerable opposition.
AFGHANISTAN: Christians Face Employment Discrimination

AFGHANISTAN: Christians Face Employment Discrimination

Last year, a terrible drought stunted agricultural output in Afghanistan. This year, the US abruptly withdrew from the nation, and global aid was cut as the Taliban took control of the region.

Since August, there has been a run on the banks, businesses have shut down, and there is widespread hunger. Afghan farmers are beginning to abandon their fields.

Compounding these issues, humanitarian relief has been slow to resume in the months since the US withdrawal.

Sources: International Christian Concern, NPR

As 23 million Afghans face starvation and a lack of basic means, Christians and religious minorities are facing employment discrimination. Employment for Christians was scarce before the Taliban gained control but opportunities are even rarer under the current Taliban regime. In addition, according to the US Department of Justice, Christians, Hindus, Baha’is, and Sheiks face societal discrimination and harassment for belonging to a religion other than Sunni Islam.

Islam is the official religion of Afghanistan, and those who convert to another religion are considered apostates – a crime punishable by imprisonment or death. The Taliban subscribes to a strict view of Sunni Islam from the Pashtun school of Islamic theology. Their beliefs also restrict the rights of women and freedom of the press.

Before the US. left Afghanistan, it was estimated that there were between 8,000-12,000 Christians in the country. Current numbers are difficult to obtain because Afghan Christians must worship in secret, often meeting in homes.

Let us pray.

  • Ask the Lord to intervene to protect, strengthen and provide for the people of Afghanistan. Pray Christians will make the most of opportunities to show care and love to others.
  • Pray that believers will be able to meet to support one another during this dark time.
  • Ask God to give wisdom to leaders of the international community to know how best to respond to this desperate situation.