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UGANDA: Mother and Son Beaten for Leaving Islam

Former Islamic teacher, 30-year-old Malik Higenyi, was beaten unconscious by relatives when he spoke publicly about his conversion last month. His mother, Aimuna, aged 60, became a Christian after seeing how Malik was persecuted and learning about his faith. Family members also beat her badly.

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NEPAL: Eight Christians Cleared of Charges

Eight Nepali Christians were cleared of “proselytising” charges on 6 December, bringing a close to their ordeal. “Praise the Lord!” a VOM contact said. “All eight Christians having court case got clean sheet today. We are thankful to all who continuously prayed and helped in

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Laos: I’m Willing to Die

Her husband was the village police chief, the man responsible to make sure no more people in the village became Christians. And now she had chosen to follow Christ! Her husband pressured her to renounce her faith; then he beat her. Then he threatened her

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ROME: Extreme Saint St Nicholas

“Don’t do it,” Nicholas yelled as he saw the executioner lift his sword to kill another prisoner. “He’s done nothing to deserve this.” The man was about to be executed for his faith in Jesus Christ. Nicholas bravely grabbed the executioner’s sword before it penetrated

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INDIA: Grandmother Murdered for ‘Disturbing the Peace’

An Indian grandmother was stripped naked, beaten to death and her body burned, apparently because her Christian faith was “disturbing the peace” in her village. The incident, in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, followed other serious attacks on vulnerable Christians in the state this

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EGYPT: Church Bombing Kills At Least 25

On 11 December, an explosion in the main hall of St Mark’s Cathedral, the largest Coptic church in Cairo, killed at least 25 and wounded more than 50. The blast took place during Sunday morning mass in the chapel adjoining the main hall of the

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KYRGYZSTAN: Marat Niyazaliev Falsely Accused

Kyrgyzstani believer Marat Niyazaliev remains in an investigative prison after being falsely accused of molesting a young girl. At the time of the alleged molestation, Marat was in a city about 95 kilometres away, renewing his passport. He made a phone call on the bus

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A Letter From Prison

What’s it like to hear from your pastor husband, who has spent over a year in prison? Pastor Yang Hua was abducted by Chinese police 9 December 2015 and accused of “divulging state secrets”. Yang has not yet gone to trial, but his words to

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ROMANIA: Extreme Young Missionaries

Though the Soviet invaders were terrorizing their country, the Romanian children walked steadily towards the Russian soldiers with warm, confident smiles on their faces. The soldiers greeted them kindly, patting them on the head. Each soldier was thinking of his own children, whom they had

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SUDAN: Extreme School Children

Seated on logs under the shade of a tree, the 230 Christian students were just beginning their English lesson when they heard the terrifying sounds overhead. A plane roared across the sky above the school yard. Within minutes, the Islamic army had dropped five bombs

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Eritrea: How do we understand the Cross?

Dr Berhane spent 11 months in prison for his Christian work. In this interview excerpt, he describes how he prepared himself for suffering and how it enabled him to understand the cross. Listen to the full interview on VOM Radio here

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IRAN: Further Court Hearings Scheduled for Rasht Believers

Iranian Christians request prayer prior to a second court hearing for Yousef Nadarkhani, Yaser Mosibzadeh, Saheb Fadayee and Mohammed Reza Omidi on charges of action against national security. Yaser, Saheb and Mohammed Reza were arrested at a house church gathering in Rasht on 13 May

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LAOS: Believer Evicted from His Village

A man who was imprisoned for converting to Christianity has now been evicted from his village in Laos for refusing to renounce his faith. Earlier this year, Bounyang and his family came to faith in Christ after experiencing a healing in their family following prayer

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CHINA: Suspect Circumstances Lead to Activist’s Death

Family members are demanding an independently-conducted autopsy following the mysterious death of an imprisoned Christian and veteran human rights activist. Peng Ming, a pro-democracy dissident known for establishing the China Development Union and publishing a work offering suggestions to China’s development model, known as The

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CHINA: Crackdown on House Churches Continues

Our Chinese family needs your prayers as officials continue to clamp down hard on house churches across their nation. China Aid reports that dozens of Christians have been detained or arrested across remote, north-western Xinjiang province in the past two months for holding house church

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EGYPT: Mob Destroys Christian Properties

On 25 November, a mob of enraged Muslim radicals attacked Coptic properties and homes in Manshiet El-Naghamish village, located in the Sohag Governorate of Egypt. The attack was incited when rumours of a church being constructed spread among the community’s Muslim population.  More than 2,000

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PAKISTAN: Five Men Sentenced for Killing Christian Couple

Five men have been sentenced to death for their part in the mob killing of a Christian couple. Shahzad Masih and Shama Bibi had been falsely accused of desecrating a copy of the Koran and breaking Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws. More than 400 people took part

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Faith That Endures

When Boko Haram fighters stormed Regina Wilson’s village on 24 October 2014, she was ready to meet them. For several years, she had heard stories about Boko Haram’s brutal attacks on Christian villages in northern Nigeria. She knew that her village in Adamawa state —

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Forgiveness: A Light in the Darkness

When asked what she prays for, 11-year-old Myriam Behnam is quick to answer. “When I pray, I pray that God might help us to go back home,” she said, “and that the peace of God might come all over Iraq. And also, may God forgive

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Please Remember Her Name

More than two years ago, I was handed a slip of paper with the name “Nguba Buba” on it. Nguba Buba. Remember her name, please. Nguba Buba was one of the 276 girls kidnapped on 14 April 2014 by Boko Haram militants who stormed her

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