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CHINA: Cash Rewards for Information on Christian Activity

One Chinese city is now offering to pay for information on anyone involved in “illegal religious activities”. Authorities in Guangzhou have offered rewards equalling as much as $2,100 to those reporting the activities. The largest rewards are paid for information leading to the arrest of

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PAKISTAN: Upcoming Court Hearing

The court handling the case of Pakistani Christian Imran Ghafur announced a new court hearing on Friday 17 May. Imran has been in prison for nearly 10 years on blasphemy charges. In January 2010 Imran Ghafur was sentenced to life in prison and fined the

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Pastor Abraham Ben Moses Released from Prison

Pastor Abraham Ben Moses has been released from prison this month after spending two years behind bars for blasphemy in Indonesia. Pastor Abraham was first arrested in December 2017 after a YouTube video of him surfaced teaching about the differences between the Bible and the

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NEPAL: Five Christians Arrested

Five Christians, including two foreign nationals, were arrested on 23 April on allegations of attempted proselytisation. The arrests happened during an early morning raid on a hotel in Ghorahi. The police seized Bibles, computers and other items, including cash. Before being arrested for preaching Christianity

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BURKINA FASO: Church Leader Killed by Islamists

Gunmen who attacked a Protestant church in Burkina Faso on 28 April asked the pastor and six others to convert to Islam before they shot them. Burkina Faso is long known for its peaceful co-existence among religious communities. But over the past two years, attacks

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