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Born in Indonesia and coming from a devout Muslim family, Jacob was no different from any of the other Muslim children. His indoctrination into the Muslim faith began at a very young age. From kindergarten and into primary and high school years, Jacob was forced to attend special Koran classes every evening and vividly remembers how strictly his parents enforced his attendance. If he was late or absent, his father would punish him but if Jacob did well, he would receive extra pocket money.

For a child, this was a strong incentive, however, having many of his friends in the same Koran class, Jacob didn’t mind attending because after class, he and his friends would play at the river close by. As the years passed, Jacob became quite a pious Muslim, strictly observing the call to prayer five times a day. He could also recite the Koran extremely well and by all intents and purposes, Jacob was developing into a good Muslim.

Then things changed
One night when Jacob was 15 years old, he dreamt that a man was standing beside his bed. He heard the man say, “You will be a good servant one day.” Although Jacob did not understand the dream, his thoughts immediately turned to Christianity. Why?

If Jacob was to speak to his parents about his dream, he knew he would be evicted from the house, so he decided to secretly share his dream with a Christian neighbour. As he began explaining his dream, his Christian neighbour took out his Bible and read from John 14:20, “At that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” The seed had been planted.

The dream haunted Jacob throughout his teenage years and although he tried searching through the Koran for information about Jesus, whatever he found, was very limited. Not until Jacob went to college did he meet Pastor Simeon who was a lecturer there. When Pastor Simeon began sharing from the “Book of God”, Jacob decided to share his dream and the Bible verse shown to him by his Christian neighbour. With Pastor Simeon’s guidance, Jacob began studying the Bible and once he understood who Jesus was, he soon accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

You are an Apostate
When his friends discovered that Jacob had become a Christian, they rejected him and called him an apostate. Jacob however kept his conversion to Christianity a secret from his family as he didn’t want his parents rejecting him also. One day however, his older brother discovered some Christian hymn books in Jacob’s room and began questioning him about them.

Jacob eventually decided to tell his brother he had become a Christian. At first his brother tried to counsel him, “Do not play with your life and leave the path of Islam. Do you know the consequences of being labelled an apostate?” Jacob knew his brother was warning him, however he remained resolute. “I’m keeping the hymn books!”

This enraged his brother and he slapped Jacob, but being true to his new-found faith in Christ, Jacob bore the pain and did not fight back. He knew he was on the right path and at that moment he decided to become Pastor Simeon’s disciple.

Today, Jacob has a Bachelor in Education, and currently teaches in a madrasa (Arabic word meaning educational institution). Jacob has decided not to change his ID card from Muslim to Christian as this gives him access to evangelise while in the mosque.

Over time, Pastor Simeon has seen Jacob’s faith grow, together with another Christian brother, they will go to Malaysia to preach the Gospel as part of an outreach program there.

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