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Please pray for an Azeri brother who is in prison in Georgia on what is strongly believed to be false charges that he was in possession of drugs.

‘Shimon’ (not his real name) was arrested in Georgia last May.

A contact of our partner office, Release International, said: “His health is very bad and he needs urgent help – medically, spiritually and materially.”

If found guilty, Shimon could be sentenced to between seven and 14 years in prison. Shimon, an ardent Christian evangelist, insists that the charge is false and that he has been framed by those angered by his witnessing to Muslims.

Source: Release International

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will minister to Shimon and give him a peace which passes all understanding and the physical and spiritual strength he needs. Pray he will also be given the medical attention he requires.
  • Ask the Lord to intervene in this case; may true justice be sought and the facts of the case come to light. Pray for Shimon’s legal representatives.
  • Pray this current difficulty will be used by the Lord to further Gospel outreach in Georgia.

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