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Four house churches led by Pastor ‘Rubel’ in Bangladesh have faced several incidents of persecution in the past year, including the murder of a church member.

‘Lydia’ was killed by a group of Muslim leaders in 2015 for using a Muslim water well. Although they had warned her not to use the well, she had no other water source. The Muslim leaders also burned her house and destroyed the house where her church met

Since Lydia’s murder, 12 other families from Pastor Rubel’s churches have experienced various forms of persecution, and no one has been arrested for Lydia’s death.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

 Prayer Points

  • Please pray for Pastor Rubel as he leads his congregations through persecution. Ask the Lord to grant him the words to bring comfort and encouragement, especially to those who are grieving or fearful.
  • Pray Rubel and his church members may boldly share the Gospel with Muslims in their community.
  • Pray Lydia’s killers will be brought to justice in this life and repentance for the next.

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