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Rescuers of Christian children taken captive by Islamic traffickers in Bangladesh are being accused of forcefully converting the children to Christianity.

Last July, International Christian Concern representatives discovered that Christian children in impoverished communities were being targeted for trafficking to radical Islamic training centres (madrassas).

The radical Muslims are now levelling threats and false accusations towards the children’s rescuers who are now caring for the children. Despite the fact the children were forcefully converted from Christianity to Islam in the madrassas, the children are viewed by their Islamic captors as Muslims for life.

Since their rescue, the children have actively practised their Christian faith and had their needs met by sponsors. Because of this care and protection, the Muslims are accusing the rescuers of forcefully converting the children to Christianity and offering bribes for their reconversion.

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Please pray the Lord’s protection will be upon these children and their rescuers.
  • Pray each child will grow in faith and maturity in Christ.
  • Pray the threats and false accusation will come to nothing, pray for those levelling the threats.