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David who is now 17 years of age told us of the psychological and physical persecution that is inflicted on the Christian students at his school. The father of one student is a prison guard and he would often tell his son of the satisfaction he experienced whenever he beat the Christians serving time in his prison.

As a consequence, he exhorted his son to do the same to any Christian student at his school and one day his son picked on David. The beating and bullying was not just for David but his friends also received the same treatment. David would often come home bleeding and bruised and even though his parents protested to the school authorities, the matter was never investigated and no action taken.

Among the Christian students, even if they performed exceptionally well throughout the year, their end of year report cards always showed low grades. Even their teachers would tell them that they would never amount to anything and that no one would employ them. The persecution of Christian students has existed for many years.

Amazingly, this type of persecution still continues later in life, with this farmer’s testimony.

A 50-year old farmer was denied his diploma even though he had graduated. It was held back until two years ago he received it.”What good is that to me now?” He said. He returned to his farm content in the knowledge that he had shared in the sufferings of Christ.

Please pray fervently for the children in restricted nations as their childhood innocence is challenged by the evil plans of satan. Pray for their parents to continue to teach their children in the ways of the Lord and for them to learn to trust God for all things.