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Nearly three weeks after police and riot police raided a Sunday worship service in Gomel in south-east Belarus, a court fined Pastor Sergei Nikolaenko for leading an unapproved religious meeting.

Nikolaenko’s Reformed Orthodox Transfiguration Church has already been banned from meeting and police have searched his and another church member’s homes for “sectarian” literature.

A criminal charge against him might be in preparation.

A third member of a Council of Churches Baptist congregation in nearby Svetlogorsk has been fined for refusing to say who was reading from the Bible when armed police raided the church during Sunday worship in May. Others face similar prosecution, as does the owner of the home where the church meets, according to church members.

Source: Forum 18 News Service

 Prayer Points

  • Pray for Pastor Nikolaenko and others who face opposition for following the Lord. May the Lord’s peace and assurance rest upon them.
  • Pray the publicised facts of these cases may be used to further strengthen believers in their walk with Christ and determination to live for Him in spite of opposition.
  • Pray for those in authority in Belarus; may many have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and believe.