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Due to the number of Muslim background believers growing in Egypt, there continues to be a need for foundational Bible teaching. The difficulty in Egypt is compounded by the fact that leaving Islam is a dangerous endeavour and apostates are not easily tolerated. Christianity is mocked and targeted.

Amongst all this stands a close-knit group of Muslim background believers who defy the status quo by meeting in secret to learn, share and spread God’s Word. They started this Bible school nine months ago and it has grown from three to more than 3,000, with expected growth to exceed 10,000 by the end of 2019. Growth has come by word of mouth and continues to astound the leaders as attendees clamour for a place to participate in the curriculum.

Many women who attend still cover their heads with a niqab as they fear being found out. Some testify that their husbands and family members do not know of their conversion to Christianity.

Their new faith has brought them freedom from an oppressed life in Islam. The ministry that runs the Bible school is also engaged in assisting with relocation of Muslim background believers to other parts of Egypt as they start their new life in Christ. This new life comes with being forced to walk away from everything they have held dear, sometimes even their children and most certainly their possessions. This relocation comes after being threatened with death and physical violence by their families.

For many of these new believers, being a blessing and sharing their faith is important and is taken seriously. Many still pray five times a day, but now to Christ. The appetite for learning and seeking His presence is strong.

Voice of the Martyrs supports this important work by providing practical assistance for the ministry team such as rent for their centre, operational costs, speakers’ fees, food and medical expenses. The ministry locations are spread out over a wide area, so transportation is vital. We intend to provide a vehicle for the team to move around as they expand their reach further.

Your prayers and support for this ministry are vital, as they operate in an extremely hostile environment in areas that can quite quickly turn violent. Please uphold them, as they share Christ and equip believers who, in turn, will reach others.

“And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me” Matthew 10:38.

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