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How easy it is for us to contemplate attending a Bible school when we have so many choices. Yet, such a decision is not so easy to make in China. Students sacrifice six months of their time in often very difficult circumstances to study the Word of God and equip themselves to be good stewards of the Gospel.

The clampdown by the communist Chinese government means that attending a Bible school is illegal and being caught means interrogation to uncover the names of the other students, and often also means detention or prison. Being caught does not stop with you. It means your whole family come under suspicion and associates may be rounded up and questioned.

New draconian facial recognition software, which has been implemented in China, now means that the movement of people can be tracked and monitored so students need to be very cautious.

One such Bible school in China operates out of the top floor of an apartment building, where 20 students gather to complete a discipleship program. They are only allowed to enter and leave the apartment after dark. Even then, they can only do so in small numbers at a time. Essentials are brought in inconspicuously as students live there for the whole six months, sharing just one toilet and shower. The women sleep in the apartment at night and the men occupy the roof space, which has been fitted out as sleeping quarters.

Resources are limited, as the picture shows. The restrictions on any Christian resources being distributed in China means that training and learning is conducted from often limited information. Not everyone owns a Bible so creative ways sometimes need to be found in order to obtain and retain God’s Word including audio Bibles, mobile phone Apps and SD cards.

Upon completion of the training, students graduate and disperse into all parts of China, spreading the Word secretly in small groups.

This is faith in action in arduous conditions. This is what life is like for many Christians in modern China.

Voice of the Martyrs supplies students who attend this Bible college with supplies, books and transport costs. The students chosen come from poor areas and would not otherwise be able to attend the college. Help us to continue to provide for these students by supporting our Front Line Ministry fund.

“Then the word of God spread, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith” Acts 6:7.

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