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In Vietnam today, Bibles are still being printed secretly as Christians hunger for God’s Word in their own dialect. Motorbike couriers at night wait, well hidden in the jungle, to receive their precious cargo of Bibles in the early hours of the morning. The truck stops and, within 5-10 minutes, boxes of Bibles are unloaded and firmly strapped to many motorbikes before being driven off to their destinations.

These brave men and women are determined to carry these Bibles at a great risk to themselves, knowing that the cost for doing this could be prison.

To reach other villages with Bibles in the mountainous areas of Vietnam, the boxes of Bibles are hand carried by willing believers on their shoulders for many kilometres, climbing steep handmade pathways and crossing rivers to get the Bibles to their villages.

VOM has facilitated distributing Bibles not only in Vietnam but many other nations in the world and supports the secret printing of Scriptures inside restricted nations.

Give them the most important book in the world … the Bible

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