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This fund helps VOM print and distribute Bibles to believers who reside in restricted nations, where Bibles are difficult to obtain. This includes producing New Testaments and complete Bibles in both print and digital formats as well as Bible commentaries and inspirational Christian training material.

China (Communist world) – The Preacher’s Book Set

Over 1,000 book sets (containing volumes on basic theology, stories of overcoming persecution and a wisdom-based devotional) were provided for pastors in areas of China where there is a high level of surveillance and oppression from the Chinese government. The books were selected to bring encouragement to church leaders and their congregations, to help them to remain faithful and focused on God.
Funds provided: $16,000

Egypt (Muslim world) – Right Choices Bible

Five thousand youth Bibles were distributed in areas of Upper Egypt where Christians face persecution from fanatical Muslim groups. Both Egyptian Muslim background believers and refugee families (Christians and seekers) gratefully received the Bibles. Our field workers consider this youth Bible to be a foundational investment in the lives of young believers.
Funds provided: $29,730

Kazakhstan (Muslim world) – Literature Project

Kazakhs continue to have very little biblical literature available in their native language. This project is funding the work of translation, typesetting, printing and distribution of Bibles, books, tracts and comics for outreach to Muslims, as well as helping to equip believers and mature the church.
Funds provided: $21,450

Iran, China, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia – Bibles Plus

Bibles were distributed to Christians who could not have purchased a Bible for themselves. Other essentials such as food, clothing, hygiene items and kitchen utensils were gratefully received and seen as God’s provision – particularly by those struggling with COVID-related job losses and restrictions.
Funds provided: $227,900