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Please pray … and send us Bibles!”
In restricted nations all over the world, this is the request of persecuted Christians.

In 2016 you helped to provide the Bibles they so desperately need.


Throughout 2016 there was a lot of activity distributing Bibles Plus to Christians in many remote areas of Mindanao in the Philippines. Our national contact, together with his remarkable team of volunteers, willingly took part in these distribution trips. Sometimes they drove up to 11 hours to reach a remote Christian village where, with open hands and joyful hearts, each one received their very own Bible, plus the contents of a life pack.

Our VOM contact said, “I encourage the people to come purely for the Word of Life they will receive through the loving gift of a Bible for each one, and the life packs are an
extra blessing.”

Many thousands of Bibles have been distributed since the program began and his team is committed to continue going to these remote areas and place Bibles in the hands of Christians who live under constant violent hostility from their Muslim neighbours.


After travelling for seven hours, VOM contacts reached Aceh Singkil, a district in the Aceh province of Indonesia. They had arrived to distribute Bibles Plus packs to Christians who have been severely persecuted.

Churches have been closed by the government, while other churches have been attacked by rioters destroying church buildings with fire bombs. However, it is to believers such as these that Bibles Plus has been distributed and greatly appreciated.

One recipient wrote:
“My name is Putri, I’m 43 and my husband died leaving me to look after our three children. Two years after his death, I became very sick. Doctors at the hospital told me to go home as there was nothing more they could do for me. One day a water seller delivered some purified water to our home and he saw my condition. He told me that I should see his pastor because the pastor would pray that I be healed. Before the pastor prayed for me, he told me about Jesus. I believed and know that Jesus is the One who has healed me. For one month, the pastor taught me from God’s Word and I am totally healed and am testifying about God’s grace. Praise the Lord for the new Bible I received from VOM.”

In total, 270 Christian families in Indonesia received a Bible through the Bibles Plus program.


This year, Bibles Plus was distributed in an extremely difficult province in northern India. This is a report received from our VOM contact who was willing to do all that was necessary to ensure the distribution of the Bibles Plus packs was successful.

Difficulties faced
Because various Hindu groups are determined to convert Christians and all tribal believers back to the Hindu faith, it was very dangerous to openly distribute the Bibles Plus packs. Any large gathering and especially the arrival of fully loaded trucks would very quickly attract a crowd, so the logistics of finding somewhere safe was difficult, although not impossible. Instead of having one large distribution site, six smaller places in unfamiliar locations were found and widows, women and pastors were notified.
The Bibles Plus distribution was completed without disruption and a huge impact was made on the believers who received their packs. Widows who had nothing received more than they could have imagined and the pastors and evangelists were once again encouraged to continue in the ministry.

Were they really blessed?
“Whether people talk about it or not, whether it will be qualified as the best distribution or not and even as it was done quietly because of the situation, I know that a certain untouched part of the persecuted body of Christ was
blessed with Bibles Plus 2016. Thank you,” said VOM worker Brother Samuel.


A recent letter from Vietnam showed the gratitude of one of the Bibles Plus recipients.

“My name is Ong. Thank you for giving your precious time to visit our ethnic tribe.  We are living in difficulties and in a faraway place but you were caring of us and our mountainous ethnic minority to provide support to us. We have received your wonderful gift from the sponsors. We received a blanket, sugar, cooking oil, rice, flavour powder, and we also received an Old and New Testament Bible. This is very important to us to help us live more closely to God. We are very happy for these gifts that have reached to our hands.”

We continue to pray for opportunities that will enable us to impact the lives of persecuted Christians in Vietnam with programs like Bibles Plus. Please pray for the Vietnamese brothers and sisters, that their faith remains bound to the Word of God despite their many trials.

Thank you!


In 2017 you can make a difference to the life of a family in Burma, China, Vietnam or India.
Bibles Plus 2017