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Through Thirteen Three’s Fearless youth events, we are aiming to raise $15,000 to give Bibles Plus Boots packs to 600 persecuted pastors in Nigeria. Find out why they need gumboots and why our team is so excited about this project.

Gumboot Evangelists

Jono Fox from Thirteen Three travelled to Nigeria earlier this year to meet with persecuted Christians. While in Gombe, Jono helped distribute ministry packs to pastors.

Each pastor received a Bible, a radio, a DVD player and various other evangelism resources. But what they were most excited to receive was a pair of gumboots.

‘The gumboots received the biggest cheer from the pastors,’ Jono recalls. ‘And I thought to myself, ‘Why are we giving them gumboots!? Surely there’s been a mistake. It’s 40 degrees outside!!”

After the meeting, Jono approached one of the pastors to ask why he was so excited about the gumboots.

He told Jono that each of these pastors walks many miles in the desert to share the Gospel in remote villages. They face the constant threat of violent persecution from Muslim extremists, but another serious threat is the risk of being bitten by poisonous snakes as they walk from village to village.

‘These gumboots are lifesavers,’ said Jono. ‘I’m excited about this project because we’re equipping pastors with Bibles to save people’s lives eternally. But we’re also giving them a very practical tool that saves their lives on the journey. We cannot stop the persecution, but we can limit the other risks they face as they serve God.’

Fearless Event Fundraising

Through this year’s Fearless events, Thirteen Three is aiming to raise $15,000 to give Bibles Plus Boots packs to 600 pastors serving the Lord in northern Nigeria.

Each pack is $25 and contains six Bibles for pastors to distribute to new believers and a pair of gumboots.

‘We’ve been convicted by the need to equip and encourage persecuted pastors to fearlessly proclaim the Gospel,’ said Brad Konemann, Thirteen Three’s Youth Director. ‘We’re calling on Australian youth to be generous and use what God has given them to bless persecuted Christians in Nigeria.’

It’s $5 entry to each Fearless event and all the profits are going to support this important project. In addition to the entry fee, we’ll also be taking up a collection. Please come prepared to give generously to support persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

Click here for more information about Fearless event dates and locations.

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