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How many Bibles do you own? As I write this I’m counting how many Bibles I have sitting in various locations at home.

Without looking hard I know I have multiple copies of the CSV Children’s Bible, the NLT, NIV 1984 and 2011 versions and ESV Bibles. I could safely say I have 10 Bibles sitting at home, most of them doing just that: sitting there.

Owning a Bible a Luxury


It is a blessing to own so many Bibles, but not every Christian enjoys such luxuries.

I remember my first trip to a restricted nation was in 2013 to Nigeria. There I met many persecuted Christians who have lost so much; loved ones, homes, wellbeing etc. To this day I still remember the joy on their faces when we gave them a pack. The pack was given to pastors and contained resources for their ministry. What stood out to me was their smiles when they saw the Bibles in the packs. There were many other items in each pack such as a radio, a torch and even a DVD player. These items were received with thanks, but the Bible was received with joy. In Nigeria it is relatively easy to obtain a Bible, but for many it is a luxury that they can’t afford.

Bibles Difficult to Obtain

In other countries, simply owning a Bible can lead to persecution. In Vietnam, many Christians are in prison purely because of their Christian activities. Despite the risk, there is a cry for Bibles.

Persecution in Vietnam is often targeted towards the Hmong people group who live in the north. For this minority group, it is not possible to go and buy a Bible from a shop. Our workers go to incredible lengths to get Bibles into the hands of these people.


How to help

Help us get more Bibles into the hands of persecuted believers by sponsoring a Bibles Plus pack today!

For $25 you can provide a believer with a Bible plus items such as food, clothing, mosquito nets and blankets.

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We would like to celebrate the joy our brothers and sisters have when they hold their first Bible.

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Feel free to express the joy you have in reading the Scriptures in your Bible.