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Our Bibles Plus packs help to provide holistic care to persecuted believers. In many restricted nations, persecution and poverty go hand in hand. Equipping believers with God’s Word helps them to stand firm in their faith in the midst of trials and suffering.

Providing additional essentials such as noodles, rice, oil, hygiene items and blankets, is an additional blessing of practical love and care for struggling families.


In 2021, Bibles Plus packs were more vital than ever. While typical forms of persecution continued, the pandemic brought additional struggles for Christians in some restricted nations. 

Christians were often among the first to lose their jobs and in some countries were denied government provided aid. We received many requests for help.

Thanks to our supporters, VOM workers and partner ministries distributed packs to more than 7,900 families in Pakistan, Iran, China, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Myanmar.

This year, VOM Australia hopes to distribute Bibles Plus packs
to persecuted believers in the same countries and, in addition,
Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Lebanon. 

For only $40 you can bless a struggling family with a Bibles Plus pack.

The packs always include a Bible, plus other essential items such as:

  • Noodles
  • Rice
  • Oil
  • Hygiene items
  • Mosquito nets
  • Clothing
  • Kitchen items
  • Medical kits
  • Blankets




Through this Bibles Plus project, we are nurturing believers to help them remain strong in the Lord and share their faith with others. The Bible Plus gifts were distributed in the slums and poor areas in Lahore and surrounding places to people who hunger for the Scriptures but are not able to afford to buy Bibles for themselves. Many gifts were given to those who were living among Muslims and were treated poorly for being Christians and also to those who were suffering because of the pandemic and were receiving no support because they are Christian.

“I have two young children and my father-in-law is also living with me. He is an old man, and I am the only person who is working but my income is very low. This gift will be very helpful and especially the Bible, as my father-in-law is very fond of reading the Bible. Several pages are missing from his old Bible, and he has asked a few times for a new Bible, but since it is expensive, I was not able to buy him a new one. This new Bible will make him very happy”. – Rehana, whose husband died of COVID-19.



India has been badly affected by the COVID-19 second wave. The pandemic has shattered the lives of millions of people across the country. Many people died due to lack of medication, adequate medical staff and unavailability of hospital beds. The situation was both pathetic and depressing, as millions of families lost their breadwinners and struggled to survive.

During this pandemic, with the generosity and kindness of VOM, we were able to provide a helping hand for victims and brought life to many needy people in the states of Telangana, Odisha and Chhattisgarh, India.

The essential commodities included groceries, medical kits and Bibles and provided much relief for many families who found themselves in an alarming situation.

Five of the families who received aid through this programme had recently suffered severe persecution. The 48 Hindu families in their village of Lodamila, Kandhamal district of Odisha, banded together to banish these Christians. They are no longer welcome; they were barred from accessing water and prohibited from grazing their cattle. The families left for another area. We were able to provide them with groceries, clothes, bedding, mats, blankets and Bibles.



Bibles Plus is a great blessing to the needy and suffering believers, especially during this time of the pandemic. The beneficiaries are the suffering churches, particularly in rural and mountainous areas that are difficult to reach. The pastors had been asking us to come to them with these packs, to bless and encourage the church.

These areas are dangerous places with both groups of communist and Muslim rebels, but the Lord protected our long journeys and the deliveries.
We preached the Word of God before each distribution. As the people received the Bibles Plus packs, they were so moved and grateful, believing that God answered their prayers and that God is looking after them. The people were so hungry for the Word of God that some of them kissed the Bibles they received.

Many people praised God in thanksgiving for the packs. “Praise the Lord, we have rice to cook today!” some of the women said. One lady couldn’t believe she received a mosquito net, the very thing she had been praying for.



Bibles Plus packages were distributed to congregations of various church denominations (Salvation Army, Pentecostal, other Protestant and Catholic) in villages in Central Sulawesi province. The topography of the areas surrounding the villages is mountainous covered with deep forests. The roads are not in good repair and it’s muddy in the rainy season, bringing regular landslides.

The Bibles Plus packages containing Bibles, a wok, frying pan, blankets, rice, sugar, instant noodles and cooking oil provided joy and consolation for each family. They could not have afforded to buy Bibles and they need the Word of God desperately, to stay strong, firm and overcome the struggle and fears which they face almost every day of their lives.

These people are simple Christian farmers; they were very grateful and thankful to the donors. They were surprised by the gifts as they thought no one had any care or concern for them. We rejoice to see many happy faces of villagers who received Bibles Plus packages from VOM Australia. Praised be His name! Thank you VOM.


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