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Bibles Plus 2018 Annual Appeal

As much as persecution continues to rise, we are also aware that many people from different nations are dedicating their lives to following Jesus. The harsh reality however, is that many new believers live in poverty and struggle to provide for their daily needs. For them, the thought of owning a Bible is an unaffordable luxury and that is why Bibles Plus is responding to their need.

In countries where God’s people and His Word are met with violent aggression and opposition, Christians long to own a Bible because to them, it is the most precious of gifts. Opening the pages, they learn about God’s love. They understand that God has not abandoned them and are encouraged to stand firm in the face of persecution and find comfort in times of need.

Essentially Bibles Plus emerged in response to the cries from persecuted believers. They need God’s Word to sustain them spiritually but also, need provisions to feed their families.

Bibles Plus 2018 is giving back to those willing to risk all for a Bible and we invite you to prayerfully consider supporting this program. For a gift of $25, you will be providing a persecuted Christian family struggling with spiritual as well as physical hunger, with a Bible, plus provide them with some basic life essentials with which to feed their families.

All donations over $2 to Voice of the Martyrs Australia are tax deductible.

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