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2015 Financial Report

Our financial report for 2015 reflects the effective way your donations were invested to support the persecuted church throughout the world. Each project and its expenditure was carefully researched to ensure we obtained the best possible outcome for that specific project. We believe our accountability

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How your Gifts made an Impact in 2015

In 2015 we were able to oversee 125 projects in 24 different countries. This wide variety of exciting projects has impacted the lives of our beloved brothers and sisters in restricted nations. On their behalf we thank you for your kindness. These projects and quotes

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INDIA: Pastor and Pregnant Wife Attacked

An Indian pastor and his pregnant wife were assaulted and their church set on fire on Sunday 17 April after they refused to praise a Hindu god. Pastor Dinbanhu Sameli, 30, and his wife, Meena, 26, seven months pregnant, lead a church in the troubled

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CHINA: Wife of Church Leader Buried Alive

The wife of a church leader in the central Chinese province of Henan was buried alive with her husband underneath the rubble of their freshly demolished church, where she suffocated and died. On 14 April, a demolition team was instructed to begin the demolition of

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UZBEKISTAN: Persevering Despite Jail Conditions

Latipzhon Mamazhanov, a Christian believer who had been arrested and jailed for 16 days in Fergana, eastern Uzbekistan, was released on 28 March. Police illegally raided Latipzhon’s home, and those of other Christians in Fergana, on 12 March while in search of religious literature. Latipzhon

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Bibles, We Need More Bibles!

How many Bibles do you own? As I write this I’m counting how many Bibles I have sitting in various locations at home. Without looking hard I know I have multiple copies of the CSV Children’s Bible, the NLT, NIV 1984 and 2011 versions and

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The Impact of your Giving

Do you realise how much of an impact your practical giving makes to a believer in a restricted nation? During late December 2015, when I was in Vietnam, I was able to bring some practical gifts that were sent to our office by some of

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AZERBAIJAN: Christian Prisoner Needs Urgent Prayer

Please pray for an Azeri brother who is in prison in Georgia on what is strongly believed to be false charges that he was in possession of drugs. ‘Shimon’ (not his real name) was arrested in Georgia last May. A contact of our partner office,

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