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  • 31 August 2021
NIGER: Widowed Mother of Six Rebuilding Life After Husband’s Martyrdom

Rahila and Ibrahim met in Niger when Ibrahim began attending Rahila’s church. Ibrahim had grown up in a Muslim home, but he heard the Gospel while working in Niger, and he started attending church.

  • 31 August 2021
AFGHANISTAN: Christians Brace for Persecution

Religious and ethnic minorities in Afghanistan are bracing for increased persecution following the Taliban’s takeover of the country. Among the minorities is the country’s small and secretive Christian community.

  • 31 August 2021
Kenya: Constantly on the move

Kenya is predominantly Christian, but several tribal groups in the north remain largely unreached, and much of the coastal region is predominantly Muslim.

  • 31 August 2021
Sierra Leone: The message he’d been waiting for

At age six, Saidu was sent to a koranic school where he spent 10 years studying the Koran.

  • 31 August 2021
Sierra Leone: Saved from human sacrifice through Christ’s sacrifice

Pastor Momodu grew up in Kanatortor, which was once known as a headquarters for witchcraft.

  • 31 August 2021
Burkina Faso: Serving the Lord at all times

Burkina Faso has seen a sharp rise in Islamist activity since 2016. Militants linked to ISIS and al-Qaida, who had been largely contained in neighbouring Mali and Niger, have crossed porous borders in the north to broaden their influence in the Sahel region.

  • 31 August 2021
Sierra Leone: Bringing the Gospel to new believers

A logging company that built a new road in Sierra Leone has unwittingly provided a way of bringing Bibles to communities that were previously reachable only by foot.

  • 26 August 2021
AFGHANISTAN: Christians Fearful Living Under Taliban Rule

On Sunday, 15 August, Taliban fighters captured Kabul, effectively asserting complete control over Afghanistan. For the country’s secretive underground church, the return to Taliban rule has filled many with fear and uncertainty.

  • 24 August 2021
IRAN: Proposed Law Leads to Concerns

Finding encouragement in the Christian faith can be especially difficult in a country like Iran, where tight government controls prevent followers of Christ from meeting together.

  • 24 August 2021
ETHIOPIA: Christian Man Loses Livelihood in Riot Attack

Alimayu grew up in a Christian home in the northern part of Ethiopia. As a young man, he placed his faith in Christ and became an active member of a local church.

  • 24 August 2021
INDIA: Christians Brutally Beaten for Refusing to Denounce Jesus

On 15 August, eleven Christians were brutally attacked by anti-Christian activists in Adnadhi village, the Badwani district of Madhya Pradesh.

  • 18 August 2021
NIGERIA: Pastor Released After 7 Months in Captivity

On 19 October 2020, Reverend Polycarp Zongo was kidnapped by members of the terrorist group Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) while traveling from his home in Jos to Gombe for a conference.