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  • 16 July 2020
LAOS: Authorities Hold Church Leader Without Charge

A church leader remains in prison while officials wait for an end to the “COVID-19 situation”. Phong was arrested in early March after refusing police orders to renounce his faith. About 130 Christians live in Phong’s village, and police thought that arresting him would cure their Christian “problem”. Phong’s wife said police are demanding that […]

  • 13 July 2020
Malaysia and Brunei: Valuable Tools

In Malaysia and Brunei, the movements of Christian workers and evangelists have been restricted due to COVID-19. Our partners there have reported using WhatsApp and Zoom for the first time, along with phone contact, to encourage Muslim background believers. In-depth Bible study using Zoom is just one of the many ways technology is being used, […]

  • 09 July 2020
VOMK Under Investigation

Voice of the Martyrs Korea (VOMK) has now become a target for an investigation, after relations between the North and the South deteriorated in early June over balloons launched by North Korean defector groups. Every year, in partnership with other VOM offices, including Australia, Voice of the Martyrs Korea has sent Bibles into North Korea […]

  • 09 July 2020
NIGERIA: Reports of “Unfolding Genocide”

For several years, suffering has been a way of life for Christians in Nigeria. In 2010, the International Criminal Court (ICC) opened a preliminary examination into this troubling situation which was formerly caused by the violence of Boko Haram militants. Thousands of lives have been lost throughout the years that have followed, along with the […]

  • 09 July 2020
PAKISTAN: Christian Man Shot Dead by Neighbour

A Pakistani Christian man who was shot by his Muslim neighbour for buying a house in a Muslim area has died. Nadeem Joseph was admitted to hospital after being attacked in Peshawar, but died on 29 June after multiple surgeries. Nadeem and his mother-in-law Elizabeth Masih were set upon by Salman Khan and his sons […]

  • 09 July 2020
LAOS: Father Expels and Threatens Sons for Attending Church

A teenager and his younger brother were kicked out of their home recently for attending church. Chan and Huang were in a church service outside Vientiane on 24 May when their father burst in and began swearing at them. He told them to stop worshipping and go home. Members of the congregation prevented the boys’ […]

  • 09 July 2020
ISRAEL: New Christian Faces Daily Struggles in Orthodox Jewish Culture

A former Orthodox Jew who came to faith in Jesus Christ is now homeless and has little hope of finding work. After meeting a Christian worker nine years ago, Noa gradually came to understand and believe the Gospel and recently, he placed his faith in Jesus as Saviour. His decision, however, was met with intense […]

  • 01 July 2020
CHINA: Church Demolished, Christians Hospitalised

In the morning of 12 June, around 200 officials from various government departments arrived at the Sunzhuang Church with cranes and heavy-duty machinery. Personnel from the Zhengzhou High-Tech District Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau forced their way into the church and took control of the Christians gathered there. They did not show any legal documents. […]

  • 01 July 2020
SUDAN: Christians See the Light After Years of Oppression

Sudan has seen genocide, war, and persecution for as long as some can remember, but is finally coming out of the dark. The nation’s new transitional government is making real reforms that allow the Sudanese people to live and worship more freely. Observers are witnessing something that hasn’t happened in decades, Sudanese Christians worshipping freely without […]

  • 01 July 2020
PAKISTAN: Family Discord and Blasphemy

A Christian man has been accused by two close family members of committing blasphemy, in what appears to be the first case of its kind in Pakistan. Anwar Masih was arrested on 2 June and charged under Pakistan’s blasphemy law 295-C. Both his wife and daughter have accused him of speaking against Islam. Anwar’s wife, […]

  • 01 July 2020
INDIA: Hindu Militants Install Idol Inside Church

Last week, a statue of a monkey-headed Hindu god was installed inside a Protestant AOG church that was undergoing renovations, in Haryana, northern India. The Hindu activists responsible then manhandled the church pastor and vandalised the building. The group claims that a Hindu temple once existed there, though they have failed to produce any documents […]

  • 29 June 2020
30 Day Challenge – July 2020

If your life could be summarised on the epithet of a tombstone, what would you like it to say? I can imagine that for some it may read “Highly influential”; for others it may read “Led many to the LORD”. Would you be happy if it simply read “A man after God’s own heart”? This […]