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PAKISTAN: Pray for a Muslim Leader Studying the Bible

A VOM partner asks that we pray for a mosque leader in Pakistan who started a Bible study course two months ago. ‘Mohammed’ is a respected Muslim leader who teaches the Koran to children. He told Christian workers that he feels no peace in his

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SUDAN: Travel Ban Appeal Fails for Released Pastors

Two South Sudanese pastors, accused of waging war against the state in neighbouring Sudan, were released from prison but have lost an appeal to have their travel ban lifted. The appeal to lift it was rejected after it came to light that the country’s security

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Alireza Seyyedian

IRAN: Christian Released from Prison

An Iranian Christian has been released from prison after a three-and-a-half-year sentence for “propaganda against the regime” and “acting against national security”. Alireza Seyyedian, a Church of Iran member, was originally sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, 90 lashes and a fine, but his sentence was

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Meet Anti

Anti is 20 years old. When Anti was 7 years old, her village was attacked by Muslim extremists and she had to hide with her family in the jungle. Now she is passionate about Jesus and studying at Bible college. She said, “When I first arrived,

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INDIA: Two Christians Beaten by Hindu Radicals

Hindu radicals in India beat Pastor Augustine Jayraj and two other Christian men and had them arrested by local police on 23 July because of their Christian outreach to a village. A group of 20 RSS members (a Hindu nationalist organisation) stopped the playing of

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SYRIA: Islamic State Abducts Dozens of Christians

Islamic State (IS) militants have captured dozens of Christian families after seizing a strategically located town in the central Syrian province of Homs on Friday 7 August.  At least 230 people were kidnapped or detained, including dozens of Christians, some of whom were taken from

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NEPAL: New Constitution could make Christianity Illegal

Nepali Christians fear that proposed amendments to Nepal’s new constitution, likely to come into effect by mid-August after seven years of parliamentary discussions, could eventually render all Christian activity illegal. Christians are deeply concerned that the draft, though it affirms the right to profess and

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Meet Anti, Max and Betty

Each one of these students is sponsored by Thirteen Three to study theology in Indonesia, the most Muslim-populated country in the world. Students attending Bible college in restricted nations risk their lives, and they know it. They can face isolation from family and friends, physical

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MIDDLE EAST: Pray for Three Evangelists on Trial

After spending several months in jail, three evangelists are on trial in a Middle Eastern country because of their Christian activities. VOM workers ask that we pray for a quick resolution to the case and that these three Christian men and their lawyer will find

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IRAN: Religious Freedom in Decline

Despite Iran’s promises to maintain the rights of the country’s religious minorities, persecution is still a matter of tremendous concern for various faith groups. However, it seems that the Islamic regime has a particular interest in the systemic persecution of Christians. A report from the

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PAKISTAN: Raped, Forcibly Married and Converted to Islam

A report released by the Aurat Foundation states that every year over 1000 women from religious minority groups are abducted, raped, and forcibly married to their rapist as they are forcibly converted to Islam. Forced marriages usually follow a similar pattern: girls, often between the

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INDIA: Christian Leader Killed by Militants

An entire community of believers is grief-stricken by the murder of Mohammad Yousf Bhat, a Christian convert from Islam who was shot to death at his home in Kashmir. On 1 July, four gunmen wearing uniforms and masks pushed their way into Yousf’s home before

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Asia Bibi

PAKISTAN: Asia Bibi’s Blasphemy Conviction Reviewed

Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruled to suspend Asia Bibi’s execution as they review her blasphemy conviction, which has had Bibi incarcerated for nearly five years. No hearing date has been set for the mother of five, who is the first woman to receive the death penalty

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CHINA: Fear of Religious Liberty Crackdown

New security laws recently passed by the Chinese government could further limit religious freedom on the Chinese mainland and beyond. China Aid warns that the wording of these new laws is “intentionally vague” and may prompt greater “persecution and abuse based on perceived threats to

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Life for Prisoners’ Wives

Eban is one of many women in Vietnam whose husbands have been put in prison for their outspokenness and protest about discrimination against Christians. She now has a daily struggle to support her family on her own. But one thing she never regrets, despite her

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Unafraid to Die for Jesus

It was 9am when the beatings began again, but this time it was different. The two young evangelists had been dragged outside the police office and into the village square and the villagers were invited to come and show allegiance to their country by beating

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EGYPT: Coptic Boy’s Ramadan Gesture Ends in Detention

At sundown each day during Ramadan, observant Muslims customarily break their fast at their evening meal by eating dates. On the evening of 10 July, 16-year-old Fawzi Osama, a Coptic Christian, was on the street in the northern city of Alexandria, handing out dates to

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BELARUS: Pastor Fined, May Face Criminal Case

Nearly three weeks after police and riot police raided a Sunday worship service in Gomel in south-east Belarus, a court fined Pastor Sergei Nikolaenko for leading an unapproved religious meeting. Nikolaenko’s Reformed Orthodox Transfiguration Church has already been banned from meeting and police have searched

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Habila Adamu, who survived being shot in the face by Boko Haram, recently lost his sister, Tabita Adamu and two of her children, in a bomb attack.

NIGERIA: Pray for the Adamu Family

Tabita Adamu and two of her eight children were among five killed in a suicide bomb attack on a church on 5 July. Tabita is the sister of Habila Adamu, who survived being shot in the face by Boko Haram in 2012. Habila, whom VOM

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