COLOMBIA: Widow Being Sought by Husband’s Killer

The guerrilla leader responsible for the murder of Luz’s husband was released from prison in Colombia and is now seeking Luz. The man returned to the remote community where Luz now lives, telling her neighbours that he wanted to find her. Within a few days

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IRAN: Christians Arrested Near Tehran

Thirteen Christians were arrested in the city of Varamin, south east of Tehran. Zari Shah Khasti (Poorkaveh), Simmin, Bahram, Amin, Leyla, Zahra, Mehdi, Farzaneh, Shayan, Sara, Nazanin, Elnaz and Mohammad Shah Khasti were arrested by agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence following a raid on

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SYRIA: Assyrian Christians Released

Islamic State (IS) has released another 37 Assyrian Christians kidnapped nine months ago. The group, including men and women in their sixties and seventies, were among the 253 Christians snatched in IS attacks on Assyrian villages in north-eastern Syria’s Hassaka province. The newly released hostages

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What if Ananias Said No?

I have been reading the Book of Acts and read, again, the story of Saul’s conversation in Acts, chapter 9. I am always struck by how soon after Saul met Jesus that people were trying to kill him! As I have been reading in Acts

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CHINA: At Least Twenty Christians in ‘Black Jail’

Authorities placed at least 20 Christians under residential surveillance in China’s coastal Zhejiang province over the past two months. In China, “residential surveillance in a designated location,” also known as holding in “black jails,” is a more severe form of holding than “criminal detention.” Individuals under residential

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EGYPT: Coptic Christians Targeted for Kidnappings

Police complacency toward the kidnapping of Coptic Christians in Egypt has fostered a climate of impunity, according to a Christian persecution charity. The phenomenon of kidnapping Coptic Christians for ransom has spread in Minya province, the latest of which occurred last fortnight. A group kidnapped

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INDIA: Four Believers Attacked during Hindu Celebration

Four Indian Christians are suffering from acute injuries after they were attacked by a Hindu mob. Christians were worshipping together in a local house church on 20 October as celebrations for a Hindu festival commemorating the victories of Hindu gods over their adversaries were going

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