Youth: Bound With Them

Hebrews 13:3

Voice of the Martyrs is committed to inspiring Australian youth to live out the importance of Hebrews 13:3 by remembering our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.


Villagers in remote parts of Laos are paying a heavy price for following Christ. Some are just teenagers.

Wahn’s parents reacted violently when their young daughter accepted Christ.

Miriam was taken before the police after her conversion.

Philip walked two hours to another village to hear the Gospel. Just three weeks after he returned home, as a new believer, the police paid him a visit.

Anchor Bay Student Testimonies

Mindanao is a scary place to be a Christian. But for Joshua, Elijah and Esther, students at the Philippines’ Anchor Bay Bible College, having the confidence of God’s presence means they don’t need to fear persecution.

Burma Bible College

For a number of years Voice of the Martrys and the Youth division 13:3 have been supporting a Bible College in Myanmar. Students have been sponsored by VOM Australia for the 3 year Bachelor of Theology degree and many have opted to continue to stay on to complete their Master’s degree in Theology.

Jesus Lover Of My Soul

Students celebrating the goodness of God, giving thanks for the financial support received from Australian Christians to support the students and upgrade the Bible School.

Connect  Gifts of Change

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