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In 2018, Christmas Care packs were distributed to children of the persecuted church in China.

One of our distribution partners reports:

Since greater religious regulations were introduced in February 2018, the church in China has been especially persecuted. These gifts from outsiders prove to the believers that they are not alone, they have not been forgotten by the outside world. We all know that the easiest way to bring joy to parents is to bless their children. Once again, the Christmas Care outreach has brought encouragement and hope to the suffering church of China.

Eleven hundred children in seven provinces in mainland China received Christmas Care packs. All of the beneficiaries are believers, all reside in persecuted regions and all are in low-income areas. We were able to minister to the following provinces: Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Yunnan, Liaoning and Beijing.

From the field:

“Thank the Lord! And thank you, brothers and sisters, for your offering! Our kids are very happy and grateful for receiving these backpacks and the stationery. We feel God’s love. We are very thankful.

“Every day our kids carry their backpacks to go to school; they are going to school with your blessing and love. They love God more and more. They go to school with their ability to be positive to influence others and to love others. It all started with your love and selfless offering.

“Thank you very much! May our Lord remember and bless you all.”

“Thank God! All of the children and their parents are very grateful when they received those backpacks and saw so many items inside. They received not only those backpacks and so many items, but also the love from our Lord, Jesus Christ.

“One parent says that her daughter loves this backpack very much; wherever she goes, she carries it. They are
very happy.

“Thank you, our brothers and sisters, for your offering! May our Lord remember you all! God bless you!”

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