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In 2018, Christmas Care packs were distributed to children of the persecuted church in Pakistan.

The packs contained dried fruit, lollies, chocolates, biscuits, savoury snacks, Christian colouring books, colouring pencils and geometry boxes.

Given the extreme needs of these families, food packs were also distributed. These packs contained flour, rice, lentils, sugar, cooking oil, vermicelli noodles and tea leaves.

Apart from providing groceries for the families and gifts for the children, we also distributed Bibles to those who had a basic knowledge of reading and an eagerness to read the Bible.

Our distribution partner noticed that many children did not have proper clothes, so also bought jumpers for all the children.

The packs were distributed in six different locations in Lahore, including a brick kiln in Raiwind and another in Lalyani.

After various Christmas programs, including the story of Christmas and children singing carols, the children each received a Christmas Care pack, and each family a food pack.

Over 400 Christmas Care packs, nearly 200 food packs and 105 Bibles were given out.

From the field:

“People are terribly poor; they don’t have sufficient money to fulfil their needs. The children were happy after receiving gifts and the women were extremely grateful.”

“When we arrived with gifts the children ran behind the car and asked if the gifts were for them. The houses are not in a stable condition and have been repaired with dung; children are forced to play where the buffaloes are kept.”

“A little boy called Yashwa, 10, is impaired with one leg and his father is not alive. Yashwa was seven when he was playing and fell and broke his leg. His parents didn’t have money for his treatment and so he was left with one leg.”

“The gifts we presented will not replace their loved ones who are in prison, but the gift of affection is with them in their time of sadness. After receiving the packs, they were deeply thankful, and their eyes filled with tears.”

“Some people and children were barefoot and they didn’t have warm clothes to put on in the cold winter. When the children looked at the gifts, they jumped with joy because their parents are not capable of purchasing such items for them.”

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