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A Bible translator in Cameroon has been killed in a brutal machete attack. Angus Abraham Fung was among seven people who were murdered when Islamic Fulani herdsmen stormed the Northern Province town of Wum.

Efi Tembon, who leads a ministry in the region called, “Oasis Network for Community Transformation,” said that the assault was sudden and horrifically brutal.

“They went into houses and pulled out the people,” Tembon said. “They attacked in the night and nobody was expecting. They just went into the home, pulled them out and slaughtered them.”

Reports indicate that Fung’s wife was also gravely injured in the attack, with the militants completely severing her arm with their machetes.

Fung was in his 60s and served for years with the Aghem Bible translation project in Cameroon, working on a New Testament translation in the Aghem language, which was completed in 2016.

“He was one of the key community leaders in the whole tribe and he was part of the translation services and also coordinated literacy efforts,” Tembon explained. “So, he was a huge part of the literacy work because their language had never been written before. So, he was the one coordinating it and teaching the language. So many people now can read and write the language as a result of Angus’ work.”

Although the New Testament translation in the Aghem language was completed and over 3,000 copies have been published, Tembon said that distribution has not happened because of the war in the region.

Sources: The Christian Post, CBN News

  • Ask the Lord to uphold Fung’s wife during her time of grief and great suffering. Pray she will be provided with appropriate medical care.
  • Thank the Lord for Fung’s valuable legacy and pray God’s word will go forth to strengthen the local church and spread the Gospel.
  • Pray the Lord will intervene to prevent further violence and that the Christian community will live out Jesus’ example to love their enemies.

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