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In January this year, the Christian people of Tourou, Cameroon lived through three hours of assaults by Boko Haram when a group of pastors were targeted and homes and property were destroyed.

Tourou is an area in the far north region of Cameroon on the border of Nigeria.

Boko Haram arrived in the evening around 9pm, seized property and demanded people leave before burning and destroying many homes as well as the vehicles used by pastors. Food and storage resources were destroyed. The largest church in the area, the Evangelical Church of Cameroon, was also destroyed.

During the attack, many citizens fled to the mountains. Most of them are still living there while others are taking residence in church buildings and towns nearby.

After the attack, teams on the ground went to survey the damage. Homes, schools, health centres, vehicles and churches were all demolished.

VOM partners in the area have been busy trying to relocate pastors and their families while also taking care of education costs for many children. Motorcycles have also been purchased, giving pastors a means of transport to bring aid to citizens and distribute care packages.

VOM offices in Poland and Belgium have worked with ministry partners in Nigeria to assist the pastors and residents.

There is still much work to be done for the people of Tourou. Please remember them in prayer.