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A Christian brother is facing hardship after leaving Islam to follow Christ.
This brother came to faith in Christ just weeks ago. After his girlfriend found out about his newfound faith, she reported him to his Muslim family, who locked him in a room for more than 24 hours to try to force him to recant his faith.

The Christian brother fled after his release because his family threatened his life, and he is currently staying with another believer while he looks for a new home.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Despite the opposition, the Christian brother remains committed to Christ. “He is firm in his commitment to follow Jesus,” a frontline worker said.

β€œHe wants to devote more time to studying the Bible. Please pray for peace, comfort and joy in Christ.”

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for the faithful testimony of this Christian man. Pray God will use it as a powerful witness.
  • Join with this Christian man in praying for the salvation of his family members and others in his community. Ask for his protection.
  • Ask God to provide ongoing strength to remain faithful and zealous. Pray for opportunities in gaining wisdom and knowledge of God and His Word.